Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a blog

Well I haven't updated for a while so here it is.
My sister, Lindsey, and I went to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Wednesday. We decided to skip the awful crowd of 14 year old weirdos and go to the Monte theatre. (I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be spelled theater because it's a movie. But I hate spelling it like that) We went there with the last HP movie. Good choice, again! I saw one of the same families there. Two cute little boys with mops of red hair and a sister with a mop of blonde. They were so cute.
The movie was awesome!

I'm watching The View at work and Whoopi is talking about a lady hitting her in the back of the leg with her stroller. The ladies are mad at her because she flipped out on the oblivious mother. What the heck?! If you were hitting me in the heels with your stroller you're gonna get that thing shoved down your throat! So be careful!
Also, I would like to announce that if you're in line somewhere. Getting closer to the person in front of you DOES NOT make the line go faster. Back off and get the heck out of my bubble before you get decked by a big fat pregnant lady. And when I'm not pregnant, I will still deck you because you're so close to me, I can tell you had onions for lunch.
Vent over :)

My baby shower is tomorrow! I will post pictures as soon as I can.


  1. Hahah! True. And then if your like me, you stand back from the person in front of you to be polite, and then some other moron cuts in front of you. Then you wish diseases upon their children....

  2. COMPLETELY agree with you about being in MY space. The problem with not doing anything when they run into you is that they are oblivious and will keep doing it! And your thought about the getting closer doesn't make the line go faster... AMEN!!! BACK OFF!!!

    Wish I could be there tomorrow, but since we're coming next week it's just won't work this time. Have a great time and we'll see you @ the p'rade next weekend!!!


    Roo ;)

  3. haha! Nicely put chica! Hope your shower goes well :) Congrats btw not sure if I have told you or not!!!!