Friday, August 28, 2009

He has arrived!

He's finally here!!!
James Anthony Romero was born at 5:00pm on Friday August 21st. He weighed 7 lbs and he was 20 inches long. And completely perfect.
We were supposed to go in Wednesday night to be induced but there were too many ladies already having babies so they didn't have room. So we went in Thursday night and I started contractions at 5:00. I had them all through the night and finally got an epidural at 11:00am. He finally decided to come at 5:00pm on Friday. There were a lot of other babies born that night and day too.
It's been a week and I'm head over heels in love. He's the most wonderful baby. He still has his days and nights mixed up, but we're getting it figured out. I'm so glad Michael took some time off work to help! And he has been SUCH a big help!
I never posted a belly pic. This was on Wednesday before I went in to be induced.
This is the outfit we took him home in. In about 18 years he's going to look at this picture and ask why we put him in such a dorky outfit. Isn't it stinkin' cute?!

Cute little guy...

Almost a smile!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just in case you were wondering

Yes, I'm sure these blogs are getting old... No baby yet...
Stubborn little guy!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


August 9th came and went and there's still no baby...
So I'm still sitting at work, still fat and still pregnant.
My next appointment is on Wednesday. I dunno if the baby will make it 'til then or not, but I guess we'll see what happens. If I don't have him by the end of the week, they'll induce. I really don't want to do that but maybe by the end of the week I'll feel differently.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not yet...

No baby... No signs of baby...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well, I AM an expert!

Well I'm 39 weeks today and things are going just great. We're crossing our fingers that the baby will come this week. I guess I can deal if he waits 'til next week. These last few weeks are the most unpleasant, but I'm so excited for the little guy to get here!!!
At my last ultrasound we saw his little face. He has chubby cheeks and no hair at all. He's a healthy little boy and everything is great. Now he just needs to get here!
So, there are a few things I've learned about pregnancy that I wish someone would have told me.
1) Never, ever pass up an opportunity to go to the bathroom.
2) Going on a bumpy ride will not make labor start, it WILL make your stomach hurt.
3) There's a good chance you know better than the doctor, don't let him or her upset you too much if you think you know differently. I love doctors and I know they're experts, but this is my body and my baby.
4) On the same note as number 3, the ultrasound tech doesn't know, or have the authority, to tell you anything other than the sex of the baby.
5) Stretch marks hurt.
6) Drinking milk can help your acid reflux/heartburn.
7) Don't buy maternity clothes too early, they won't fit you late in the pregnancy when you can't get ANYTHING to fit right.
8) Buy a fan for the bedroom.
9) When people tell you that you look good, resist the urge to give them the finger or call them a dirty liar. They mean well.
10) When the doctors tell you that you won't have any more uncomfortable exams til the end, they don't mean labor, they mean the last month of your pregnancy. Yeah, that was an unfortunate suprise for me.

I guess those are the biggest things I wish someone would have told me. Hopefully someone can be a little more informed than I was. I'm sure I'll have another list once I give birth lol.

Everything has been good here. We're getting the baby's room ready and trying to put everything away. We got so many gifts, it's hard to find a place for everything. Whenever I approach the pile of clothes, diapers, and toys I get so excited I can't concentrate on putting anything away.
Michael and Adam put the changing table together and they're working on the crib and dresser. This little baby is going to be a tad bit spoiled. And he'll definately well dressed thanks to all my family and friends.
Hopefully the next time I update I will be telling you all about my little boy!