Saturday, April 25, 2009

April is the birthday month!

April sure is a busy month for Michael's family!
Nancy's birthday was the 21st and David's was the 24th and Maxine's is the 26th. David had a little party last night at his parent's house. Michael enjoyed entertaining everyone with his comedy. David got some great gifts and we all had a good time. Michael and I got him a watch that he will be able to use for his mission.
Maxine's party is today and then Michael gets to go fishing this afternoon. I need to clean our house and get my primary lesson ready. We'll see how that goes, it's so nice outside I might get a little distracted.
We are loving living in Sanford. It's so nice to have a yard and to NOT have upstairs neighbors. The commute to work is a pain because I'm the only perfect driver on the road and no one else seems to understand anything. HA! Hopefully we will be able to find me a puppy SOON!
Michael is going to have to work out of town all summer so I'm going to need some company. He will probably have to work in Pueblo four days a week until the time for the baby gets closer. I'm not a big fan of being home alone at night so I'm crossing my fingers for a yellow lab.
Basketball Playoffs are on TV in our house. ALL THE TIME! I really don't think it's necessary to watch this many basketball games. It wouldn't be so bad if the Nuggets weren't so good this year. I'm all for watching sports here and there. But the best games out of SEVEN?! Goodness. Ok, vent over.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

First blog

I guess I should start by introducing the Romero's!
Michael and I got married September 6, 2008. We live in Sanford and we both love it here.
I work as an Admin Assistant at a bank. Michael works as an electrician and he's also working very hard in school at Adams State. Hopefully he will be done with school in a couple years.
I'm pregnant! With a boy! He will arrive sometime in August. Being pregnant all summer will be fun! HA! I'm soooo looking forward to summer! I can't wait to go camsping and eat s'mores and hot dogs and potato salad and water melon. And go fishing and have picnics and go to parades and go to the sand dunes. A little baby will make it a lot more fun too!
Stake Conference is this weekend so that's pretty much what our two days are dedicated to. He's at the priesthood session now and then we'll go to the adult session tonight. I think there is a general authority here to speak to us, but I'm not sure who it is. I'll update that later.
I'm excited to start a blog, hopefully I can keep faithful with it!