Friday, May 15, 2009

I love spring

I'm so proud of my beautiful yard. When you walk out my front door all you can smell is a mixture of lilacs and apple blossoms. Here are some pictures to make all you apartment dwellers jealous! I'm sorry I can't include the smell, it's amazing.

Michael has found a new love... Here is a picture of him and Bailey. Yes, after Champ...

And his forever love...

Baby bump picture coming soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bring it on!

Well these past couple of weeks have been busy! And I love it! The summer months are always so busy. Bring on the busy weekends! It's a nice change from the sluggish months of winter.
Micheal has been busy catching fish and enjoying the weekends. I'm so glad it's spring time here in the valley! I planted flowers and the apple tress are blooming in our back yard. It's so nice to have a big yard with trees and flowers and green grass!
We've still been busy with birthdays. My grandpa Rogers turned 95 on May 6th! We had a little party at his house. He was happy to be in his home again and he sure enjoyed spending such an important day with family members. All his favorites are in the picture with him. We were glad we could be there for him! He has such a contagious smile don't you think? My sister-in-law will celebrate her birthday on Thursday and Michael's grandma Romero had her birthday last week too.