Saturday, June 13, 2009

Already June

Well here's another Summer Saturday. Michael and I went to the mountains today. He wanted to fish, but we couldn't really find the perfect creek. He got his line wet, but the only fish he caught were too small to eat. I didn't feel like fishing, it's hard to bend down these days! :)
Champ went with us, he's such a good little dog. And he loves fishing!
We were going to meet my family up there for a picnic but the weather wasn't great and I was more than ready to come home and have that little trip over with. My mom is a good sport, she's still cooking burgers and hot dogs on the deck outside in the freezing wind.
Michael has been working out of town this last week. It's not easy, but sometimes it is nice to have a night or two alone at the house. And we're glad that he is staying busy at work. Everyone who has a job these days is pretty fotunate.
I know I promised pictures, and I had some cute belly pictures and dog pictures, but somehow or another ALL the pictures and videos got deleted from our camera. We can't figure out quite how that happened so we're just blaming Casper for now.
I'll be 8 months pregnant tomorrow. It's so crazy to think that I'm going to be a mom in one month. We're pretty much ready for the little guy to get here and everyone is looking forward to it. I can't believe it's already the middle of June! Time flies when you're having fun :)

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  1. 8 months! Holy smokes! Good luck, let me know how it all goes! Can't wait to see the little babe!